Salesianum School. Where Modern Men Begin.

Salesianum makes developing relationships with those we serve a priority in every philanthropic project and trip. We believe it is by truly getting close to those we serve that we best positioned to go forth to make a world, that is very much in need, a better place. Whether discussing historic literary works or today’s news headlines, students are required to analyze diverse perspectives, decisions and their impacts from a variety of lenses that place a particular focused on the marginalized. 

Our young entrepreneurs and critical thinkers, who seek to solve problems for the greater good, are given unlimited opportunities to pursue this calling through our robust Arts & Innovation curriculum. We are also home to award-winning music and fine arts programs that continue to enlighten young minds and theater productions that inspire souls. And, we are a lifelong, global, brotherhood formed by the timeless teachings of our patron saint, Francis de Sales. Salesianum School. Because life is about more than test scores.