House Program


In place of traditional homerooms separated by grades, Salesianum employs a House Program in which students from all grades are mixed together into unique houses. Each house is named for an influential individual in Salesianum history, and has its own colors, motto and mascots. Houses serves to foster brotherhood within and between grades, run service projects and fundraisers, and provide leadership opportunities for their members. Throughout the school year, houses compete in various fun competitions including The Homeroom Trivia Challenge, House Games, and Big Brother Little Brother Minute To Win It. For more information on the House program at Salesianum, please contact Dan Jackman, Director of Activities.

The goals of the House Program are as follows:

    Welcome Freshmen as Salesian Gentlemen

      The house system eases the traditional “learning curve” that often comes with the transition to high school by providing incoming freshmen with a fun and comprehensive orientation led by senior house mentors. Homerooms are no longer split up by class, but instead by house, so that older students can guide underclassmen through the traditions and practices of Salesianum.

      Create leadership opportunities

      Each house has one staff director, at least ten staff mentors, three senior captains (executive, spirit, service), and an eight-member student house council. Coupled with student government and the numerous clubs on campus, students from all grades can step into leadership roles.  

      Promote Christian Service

        Every year, each house chooses a service project for their house to sponsor and to manage for the whole school community’s participation. The house system allows for students to unite and mobilize for causes that they are passionate about, providing opportunities to learn from and serve those in need.

        Strengthen school spirit

          Houses bring the school community together and encourage school spirit. They participate in friendly and fun competition throughout the year. At school events titled, “Marquee Events” students who show up, dress up in spirit gear and cheer on their classmates will receive points towards their house’s point tally.

            Build brotherhood and community for all

              “Strength through Brotherhood” is a well-known Salesian theme. This speaks to the strong unitive nature of the school. The house system builds upon and promotes the traditions and programs of the school, the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales, and our collective mission to Live Jesus.