Academic Activities


Academic Challenge

Moderator: Mrs. Hanny - Academic Challenge is a fast paced academic quiz based competition. Much like the show Jeopardy, students buzz in to answer general questions and participate in "lightning rounds" and "bonus challenges" where they have the opportunity to work with their teammates. Teams are a minimum of five, and students will be asked to participate in competitions outside of school.
Location: A115
Meeting Time: G6

Athletic Training Club

Moderator: Dr. Szczerba - Designed for students interested in a sports medicine career such as athletic training, physical therapy, or occupational therapy. Students attend weekly presentations, are encouraged to become certified in First Aid and CPR, and obtain observational hours assisting in the athletic training room and with the Salesianum sports programs.
Location: Athletic Training Room
Meeting Time: G6

Chess Club

Moderator: Mr. Heiss - The chess club provides instruction and skills development in chess. Club members engage in fun competition against each other throughout the school year. 
Location: B243
Meeting Time: G6

Ecology Club

Moderator: Mr. Szaroleta - Ecology club meets to discuss critical ecological issues and hear addresses from area scientists involved in the protection of the environment. Club members and their moderator assume responsibility for monitoring a stretch of Brandywine Creek in association with the Stream Watch program.
Location: B162
Meeting Time: G6

Irish Language Club

Moderator: Mrs. McTamney
Location: TBA
Meeting Time: G6

Engineering Club

Moderator: Mrs. Bray - This is a club where students can brainstorm and execute projects, as well as listen to speakers/lectures that are based on the topic of engineering.
Location: B246
Meeting Time: G6

Language Honor Societies

Moderator: Mrs. McLaughlin - Salesianum has certified chapters of the national honor societies of three languages: La Societe Honoraire de Francais (French), Delta Epsilon Phi (German), and La Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (Spanish). Students may apply for membership after completing at least three years of a particular language. 

LifeSmarts Team

Moderator: Mr. Horn - LifeSmarts is labeled as the "Ultimate Consumer Challenge." It is a State and National Competition.  Salesianum has been the state champion for the last fourteen years. The team has traveled to Walt Disney World, Arlington, Chicago, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, San Francisco, St. Louis, Seattle, Atlanta, and Universal City, CA. The 2009 Delaware State Champion Team from Salesianum finished fifth in the country. The 2015 team finished 13th in the country. The 2016 National Competition will be in Denver. Questions are on everyday topics of health, finance, safety, science, and the environment.
Location: C077
Meeting Time: G6


Moderator: Mr. M. Kegelman and Mr. D. Kegelman - This club provides an open opportunity for mathematically exceptional students to compete in a highly structured state-wide math league.
Location: A206
Meeting Time: G6

Military Knowledge and Tactics Program

Moderator: Mr. McGowan - The Military Club will both hear lectures and engage in conversations about world conflicts, military academics, and military branches. The Military Club invites guest speakers who have served oversees to address the group.
Location: B085
Meeting Time: G6

Mock Trial

Moderator: Mr. Horn - Under the direction of state and municipal legal officials and in conjunction with the National Law-Related Educational Association, students compete with other schools in trials held in actual courtrooms, preparing case briefs and learning in an interactive, authentic context the details of the legal profession.
Location: Raskob Room
Meeting Time: Tuesday 5:00 - 7:00 PM

Model United Nations

Moderator: Mr. Helmick - MUN competes with other schools locally, regionally, and nationally in structured debates and conferences. Students are exposed to issues of justice, peace, and global awareness. In 2007 and 2008, Salesianum’s Model UN Team, combined with Fr. Judge and Northeast Catholic, earned the title of International Champions at the International Debate held at the UN Building in NYC. This annual debate is attended by 2200 students representing 17 different countries.
Location: B080
Meeting Time: Wednesdays

National Honor Society

Moderators: Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Marston - Salesianum's Honor Society (De Sales Chapter) is a certified chapter of the National Honor Society. The privilege of membership in the Society is extended to juniors and seniors who have in the previous year(s) compiled a suitable record of academic achievement, good character, leadership, and service. Click here for their webpage.


Moderators: Mr. Anderson and Mr. Guinaugh - Salesianum's Robotics Club allows students to design and build robots using the collegic level Arduino platform. Students from all backgrounds and skill levels learn to build and program robots.
Location: A051
Meeting Time: G6

Science Olympiad

Moderator: Mrs. Albanese - Science Olympiad members take tests, answer science questions, build equipment, and attempt to solve individual or team problems at an annual Olympiad held in Delaware.
Location: B164
Meeting Time: G6

Spanish Language Club

Moderator: Mrs. Vintigni
Location: TBA
Meeting Time: G6

Youth In Government

Moderator: Mr. Gioffre & Mrs. West - Youth in Government is a national program that allows students to experience how the legislative process in American government functions. Students will write proposed bills, learn parliamentary procedure, conduct mock legislative debates and voting, and ultimately participate in a statewide mock legislative session held at the Delaware State House in Dover. The conference in Dover is a three day event in which students will get to use the Delaware Senate and House of Representative chambers for conducting their mock legislative session. They will meet members of the Delaware legislature and the Governor of Delaware. Students will also have the opportunity to represent the state of Delaware at a national conference held every summer.
Location: B082
Meeting Time: G6