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Thursday, May 10

Our phone service provider is experiencing an outage affecting the mid-Atlantic region and other areas nationwide. While our phone provider works to restore service to the affected areas, we encourage you to communicate via email. You can contact the school for emergency purposes at (302) 635-9639.

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How are Official or Emergency Announcements Communicated?

Below are the various official ways in which Salesianum will inform the community of closings, delays, and other urgent communications:

  1. By Text via School Messenger: a text will be sent to parents as soon as an official decision has been made regarding school closures or delays. Other important or urgent messages will be sent to parents via text as needed. Opt-in to this service by texting Y or Yes to 67587 from a mobile phone listed in onCampus (see below for more information).
  2. By Email: closures or delays will be confirmed by email notification.
  3. By onCampus: closures or delays will be confirmed on the sign-in message for onCampus.
  4. By Website: closures and delays are posted on the School Closing Information link at the top of the school’s home page (see
  5. By Social Media: closures and delays will be posted on Salesianum’s official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  6. By Radio: tune in to the following radio stations for confirmation of weather-related closures or delays: 99.5 WJBR, 93.7 WSTW, WDEL’s 101.7 & 1150 AM, or 1060 AM WKYW.

In addition, Fr. Beretta will often inform the students directly via Twitter from his account (@FrBeretta) once a decision has been made at school.

Regarding Text Message Communication:
Our Office of Educational Technology continues to work on the integegration of the text message communication system. If you did not receive a text message this evening and you've already registered and checked the listing of your cell phone number on onCampus there is nothing further that you need to do at this time.

To Register for Text via School Messenger:

  1. Opt-in to this service by texting Y or Yes to 67587
  2. Check your cell phone listing on onCampus
    1. Sign-in to onCampus (with your account, not your son's)
    2. Click on your name (upper right), then choose “Profile.”
    3. Click “Add Phone” to add a new phone number, or click on the pencil to the right of the phone number to amend any numbers listed.

What Happens to After School Activities and Evening Events?

When school is cancelled due to inclement weather, all afterschool activities, practices and rehearsals, as well as any activities scheduled for that night, are presumed to be cancelled. In rare cases following a school cancellation, the Principal may give permission for afternoon or evening activities if weather and road conditions have significantly improved. These decisions will be communicated via text messages as described above, as well as other means as appropriate to the nature of the activity or event in question. Do not phone the school with questions about these activities and events. Information will be posted via the appropriate means when it is available.

Finally, an Important Notice about Closure and Delay Decisions:

The decision to open or close school during inclement weather is made with the safety of the greatest number of families in mind, and with the latest information and forecast available. Conditions vary greatly across the four states from which Salesianum draws students. Parents must always use their best judgment when deciding whether or not the drive between home and Salesianum is safe; both teachers and the school will be as flexible as possible in winter weather situations.