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Salesianum Summer EDGE Program Announced

Salesianum Summer EDGE [Education, Development, Growth, and Enrichment] is a uniquely designed summer program that offers full and half credit courses for students entering ninth through twelfth grades. The primary goal of EDGE coursework is to create opportunities in student schedules during the traditional academic year, allowing students to prepare for more advanced coursework within a discipline, add flexibility for elective courses, and embrace an immersive experience in a chosen subject. Salesianum Summer EDGE is an extension of the school’s mission to “educate and develop the whole person” in the spirit of Saint Francis de Sales, fostering a culture of academic excellence and lifelong learning.

Questions about Salesianum Summer EDGE can be sent to the leadership team of Mr. Bill Sutherland, Mr. Colbe Klein, and Mrs. Caitlin Garton at

“Those who have made great progress will constantly press ahead, never for a moment thinking they have reached their goal.”  Saint Francis de Sales