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National Honor Society

Salesianum proudly inducted 69 new members into the National Honor Society at an evening candle lighting ceremony on Wednesday, October 22, 2014. The NHS is one of the oldest and most prestigious national organizations commemorating the achievements of high school students. NHS members are selected by the Salesianum faculty for meeting the highest standards of scholarship, service, leadership and character. Congratulations to:

 Noah Matthew Bale
 Kevin Xavier Barone
 Timothy Joseph Bellew
 Sean Thomas Blessington
 Jacob Michael Blewitt
 Daniel Joseph Brackle
 Kevin Edward Brown
 Matthew Charles Brown
 Garrett Thomas Cannon
 Jeremy Robert Chapman
 Isaac John Chilkotowsky
 Nicholas Michael Colagreco
 Sean Michael Courtney
 Grayson Banks Cowan
 Patrick Michael Cowan
 Andrew Michael deLaveaga
 Aidan Michael Drake
Ryan James Elliott
 Ryan Jeremy Filliben
 William George Frangia
 Jeffrey David Franz
 Richard Scott Frechette
 Mark E Gallagher Jr.
 Christopher Marcus George
 Andrew John Hally
 Matthew James Hogan
 Matthew Tyler Hooks
 Connor John Horvath
 Benjamin Lourdes Hylak
 Andrew James Keefe
 Nathan David King
 Joseph Christopher Kitching
 Matthew Terry Kosciewicz
 Wyatt Edward Land
 Colin Paul Lott
 Patrick Joseph Lyons
 Robert James Martorano III
 Adam James Mason
 Patrick Michael Mealey
 Daniel Thomas Mersman
 Aaron Christopher Moriak
 Jason Michael Mueller
 Randall Paul Mueller
 Liam Seamus Murphy
 Sean Douglas Nevins
 Thomas John Paranzino Jr.
 Andrew Taft Peterson
 Colby Austin Reeder
 Timothy Michael Rickert
 Matthew Reyes Rigor
 Owen Christian Riley
 Stephen Alexis Saville Jr.
 Daniel Joseph Schlegel
 Brian Thomas Schwarzkopf
 Sean Spencer Smith
 William Hendrik Steenkamer
 Kyle Russell Steiner
 Parker Dale Strand
 Andrew Patrick Sullivan
 Jeffrey William Sweeney
 Patrick Josef Sweeney
 Luke Paul Szrama
 Chase Michael Truitt
 Jahaziel Saul Valenzo
 Jacob Anthony Vassalotti
 Phillip Richard Vavala
 Brendan Martin Ward
 Robert Anthony Watchilla
 Owen Garton Wilhelm

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French Exchange Students

In October, six French exchange students from the Ecole Collège Lycée Saint Michel in Annecy, France lived and studied with host brothers from Salesianum. Students spent two weeks attending classes at Salesianum and exploring U.S. cities on the East Coast, including New York City and Washington, D.C.

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Lawless Library Renovation

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Summer Reading 2014

In addition to the school’s One School, One Book, the English Department requires reading for all classes over the summer.  Students will be evaluated on each book they have read.  The English Department assessments will be administered during the first couple of days of the school year, counting as a major grade for the first marking period of the English class.

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Hall of Fame 2014

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