Fine Arts


The fine arts program at Salesianum offers instruction in music, theater and visual arts.

Courses have both theoretical and practical components, teaching students the formal elements and historical development of each discipline, while also sharpening students’ technical skills. The curriculum is designed to accommodate all levels of interest and proficiency, so that both future artists and casual hobbyists may explore new forms of artistic expression and pursue their passions in depth.

Musial offerings include music theory, music history, music technology, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble and chorus.

Art classes include art history, drawing, color, painting, 3-D, desktop publishing/conceptual design, drafting/design and architecture.

Salesianum has its own television studio which provides a laboratory environment for three levels of TV production classes. Students produce the daily, “WSAL Homeroom Show,” which provides information, interviews and feature pieces related to current events on campus. Other film offerings include film study and photography.


Mr. Brian Cox - Department Chair / ext. 129

Mr. Mohammad Ahmed / ext. 224

Ms. Emily Davis (Exchange teacher)

Mr. Jason Guinaugh ext. 135

Mr. Joseph Louden '85 / ext. 270

Mr. Brian Magargal '83 / ext. 246

Mr. Ryan Salandria '01 / ext. 154