Hall of Fame


The Salesianum Hall of Fame is a cherished tradition celebrating distinguished Salesian gentlemen who have helped to make Sallies the special place it is today. Five unique categories include Arts/Education/Entertainment, Athletics, Business/Labor/Military, Science and Religion, and Service to Salesianum and Community. An annual ceremony and reception honors the newest members to each year's Hall of Fame class.

Class of 2014 

This year's class consisted of: Jack Mulvena ’58, Capt. Ted Bronson, USN (Retired) ’50, Rev. John Birkenheuer, OSFS Hon., Rev. William Keech, OSFS ’43 & Mike Gallagher ’69.

Class of 2012

Arts/Education/Entertainment: Christoper Castellani '90 Athletics: Rev. Joseph Beattie, OSFS '55 Business/Labor/Military: Clyde Louth '49 Science and Religion: John Byrne, Ph.D. '67 Service to Salesianum and Community: John Hammerer '47

Class of 2011

Arts/Education/Entertainment: John "Jack" Ireland '65 Athletics: Harry Alexander '63 Business/Labor/Military: Maj. General Hugh Broomall '66 Science and Religion: Rev. Richard DiLilleo, OSFS '56 Service to Salesianum and Community: Clyde Taggert '25

Class of 2010

Arts/Education/Entertainment: Vincent J. Marinelli ‘58 Athletics: Thomas F. Hall ‘58 Business/Labor/Military: John J. McMahon ‘60 Science and Religion: Msgr. Thomas J. Reese ‘39 Service to Salesianum and Community: Daniel J. Monigle, Jr. ‘24

Class of 2009

Arts/Education/Entertainment: Phillip D. Vavala ‘66 Athletics: Victor A. Zwolak ‘56 Business/Labor/Military: Eugene A. Delle Donne ‘32 Science and Religion: Joseph F. Hahn, M.D. ‘60 Service to Salesianum and Community: Hon. Francis A. Reardon ‘24

Class of 2008

Arts/Education/Entertainment: Bernard I. McInerney ‘54 Athletics: Daniel M. Mulvena ‘66 Business/Labor/Military: William H. Gebhart ’67 Science and Religion: Dr. Francis A. Fitzpatrick ‘65 Service to Salesianum and Community: Hon. Joseph T. Walsh ’48

Class of 2007

Arts/Education/Entertainment: William J. Marsilii ’80 Athletics: Leonard D. Szafranski ’51 Business/Labor/Military: Liam Sullivan ’78 Science and Religion: Rev. Bernard F. O’Connor, OSFS, ‘62 Service to Salesianum and Community: Thomas P. DeLucia ’52

Class of 2006

Arts/Education/Entertainment: Rev. John T. Spragg, OSFS ’45 Athletics: Kevin P. Reilly ’69 Business/Labor/Military: Ralph G. Degli Obizzi ’52 Science and Religion: John J. Baldwin, Ph.D. ’52 Service to Salesianum and Community: James P. McFadden ’46

Class of 2005

Arts/Education/Entertainment: James J. Haley, Sr., Hon. Athletics: Rev. James V. “Buzz” O’Neill, OSFS ’32 Business/Labor/Military: Nicholas R. Gianoulis ’49 Science and Religion: Rev. J. Francis Tucker, OSFS, Hon. Service to Salesianum and Community: Guido R. Schiavi ’44

Class of 2004

Arts/Education/Entertainment: Thomas W. Mulrooney ’16 Athletics: Dominic S. “Dim” Montero ’38 Business/Labor/Military: Charles J. Noonan ’34 Science and Religion: Earl J. Carpenter ’52 Service to Salesianum and Community: Rev. Robert D. Kenney, OSFS ’42

Class of 2003

Arts/Education/Entertainment: Rev. Thomas A. Lawless, OSFS ’08 Athletics: Edward J. Michaels ’32 Business/Labor/Military: Maj. General Francis D. Vavala ’65 Science and Religion: Anthony P. Monaco, Ph.D., M.D. ’77 Service to Salesianum and Community: William J. Boeck ’34