Educational Technology


Salesianum administrators and faculty remain committed to integrating technology with effective pedagogy in all aspects of the curriculum. At Salesianum, students use the iPads to think critically about the content they learn, to communicate their ideas digitally, to collaborate both face-to-face and virtually, and to create digital artifacts that demonstrate their understanding of the content.

One-to-one iPad Program

Salesianum educates and develops the whole person in a one-to-one iPad environment. An important part of our mission to “educate and develop the whole person” is preparing students for college and beyond by ensuring they are technologically proficient in an increasingly connected world. The Salesian one-to-one iPad Program enhances the academic curriculum by allowing students access to a variety of iBooks, tools and Apps and providing students with opportunities to build a deeper understanding of the content.

Salesianum continues to integrate technology in order to maintain a student-centered learning environment. In addition to having the majority of their textbooks on the iPad, Salesianum students use the iPad to conduct research, write, create and share presentations, collaborate using Google Apps for Education, and build websites and movies that demonstrate their learning. The iPads provide Salesianum students with mobility, instant access to information, and an intuitive platform in which to access content of a variety of modalities.

Learning Management System

onCampus, the Salesianum learning management system through Blackbaud, offers students increased interactivity and ownership in their learning. Through this platform, students and families have instant access to all essential course information, such as assignments, schedule, and grades. The Salesianum community can access onCampus through the following URL:

Technology Highlights

Salesianum boasts the latest technology to afford students opportunities to bring their innovative ideas to life.  In addition to providing high speed internet through a filtered, secure network monitored through our mobile device management system, Salesianum students have access to the following equipment to enhance their classroom experience.

  • Oculus Rift Virtual Reality hardware and software

  • Two 3-D Printers

  • Vernier Sensor Probes and software

  • STEM, Programming, Innovation, and Computer Science courses

Incoming Students

STEP, the Salesian Technology in Education Program, is our educational technology course for all new students. This required summer course is designed to instruct students and families on how to responsibly use technology, as well as offer a hands-on experience with iPads, onCampus, and other valuable resources before the school year begins. A strong academic start for freshmen, with clear expectations for the responsible use of technology both in the classroom and beyond it, helps make every Salesian’s transition a little easier. Questions regarding STEP should be directed to Amanda Matarese.

Salesianum School recommends the iPad Pro or newer models, with a minimum of 64 GB and WiFi only capabilities.