College Case Study Program

Salesianum hosts, in conjunction with Padua Academy, Ursuline Academy, Archmere Academy and other DAIS schools a College Case Study Program held annually in the spring.

The Case Study program involves admission representatives from universities around the country meeting with small groups of students and parents.  In these groups, individuals act as a “mock” Admissions Committee, accepting, wait-listing and denying students to a fictional university.  This is accomplished by reviewing academic information, letters of recommendation, extra-curriculars, and essays.  The program is concluded with a brief college fair for students to learn about the universities in attendance.

Colleges and universities who have attended in the past include:

Albright College  •  American University  •   Boston College  •  Case Western Reserve University  •  Colgate University  •  College of Charleston  •  Columbia University  •  DeSales University   •   Emory University  •  Fairfield University  •  Franklin & Marshall College  •   Georgia Tech   •  Johns Hopkins University  •  Lafayette College  •   Lehigh University  •  Marist College  •  New York University  •  Northeastern University  •  Penn State Univeristy  •  Providence College   •  Purdue University  •   Saint Joseph's University  •  Seton Hall University   •  Swarthmore College   •  Temple University   •   The College of New Jersey  •  The College of William & Mary  •  The Ohio State University  •  The University of Arizona   •  The University of Chicago   •   University of Delaware   •  Union College  •   University of Maryland  •  University of Notre Dame   •   University of Pennsylvania  •  Vanderbilt University  •   Villanova University  •  Washington College