College Application Timeline


College Application Timeline

Freshman and Sophomore Years

Students predominantly work with their school counselor to focus on academic preparation, become more actively involved in clubs and organziations on campus, and begin a path toward career readiness.  Additionally, college counselors are also available to provide support if needed.

Spring of Junior Year

Students begin taking the Junior Advisory Class, which will help them to navigate the college application process throughout their senior year.  In addition to the course, college counselors meet one on one with students to create a plan of action for applying to college.  This will involve building a college list, SAT/ACT advice, essay support, and encouraging students to visit the schools in which they may be interested.  Finally, students are required to attend a College Case Study Program, where students and their parents will learn firsthand how colleges review applications.

Summer Before Senior Year

Prior to the start of classes, seniors and their parents attend Senior Orientation.  This is a program to ensure a smooth application process using Naviance, a tool used to release transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other pertinent college materials.  Over the summer, students and their parents may also schedule meetings with the Guidance Office; all college counselors maintain summer office hours. Students are also encouraged to continue visiting schools on their list.

Senior Year

At this time, students are regularly meeting with their college counselor to discuss any questions that may arise as they are submitting applications to colleges.  Students and their parents may also work with their college counselors regarding application refinement, financial aid, and eventual college selection.