World Languages


Salesianum’s world languages department offers four year courses in French, German, Latin and Spanish. 

Advanced Placement is offered in French and Spanish.  Beginning in the 2013-14 academic year Mandarin and American Sign Language 1 are offered and will expand to multiyear programs.  Students are required to complete at least three consecutive years of the same language for graduation, and it is strongly recommended that they complete four years of foreign language study. This is especially important when considering degree requirements at many of the universities they may later attend. 

The modern language class curriculum incorporates the Five Cs of foreign language education. Students acquire the communication skills of speaking and understanding the spoken target language, re-enforcing these skills with reading comprehension and correct written expression. As the students study this language they will also gain a knowledge and understanding of the cultures that use it.  They will then be able to make connections to additional knowledge and comparisons to the language being studied.  These elements combined will enable the students to participate in multilingual communities here and around the world. To this end, audio visuals provide the students the opportunity to learn by seeing and hearing native speakers in the natural settings of the countries where the languages are spoken. Technology plays a vital role in the classroom.  Internet access and the recent addition of iPads provide even more opportunities to implement the language and exposure to actual current events taking place in the target cultures.

More information about each of our world language curriculum can be found in the Program of Studies.


Mrs. Pavla Osborn - Department Chair / ext. 254 

Mrs. Amanda Matarese / ext. 208

Ms. Caitlin Polidori / ext. 235