Driver's Education


Salesianum's driver's education program prepares students to safely and successfully navigate the roads as young drivers.

The program consists of 30 hours (minimum) of classroom training, plus 14 hours behind the wheel (7 hours observing and 7 hours driving. This course is graded on a PASS/FAIL scale.

All students will take a pre-test to determine their pre-existing knowledge of driving education. This test will not impact a student’s final grade. Four quizzes, a project and a state-issued final exam will determine this grade. The class textbook consists of the Delaware Driver Manual. It is mandatory that this book is read from cover to cover.

Students usually complete their driving and observing time in twelve lessons. Occasionally, a few students may need more time to reach the necessary skill level.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Blue Certificate signed by the driver education teacher and the principal of Salesianum. Students or parents must turn this in to the DMV (Delaware Division of Motor Vehicle) in order to obtain their permit/license.


Ronald McGee / Ext. 243

Fred Savino / Ext. 269