President's Office


Dear Friends,

At its core Salesianum is an aspirational place that is deeply rooted in faith and guided by the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales.  For generations, it was home to waves of immigrants – and their children - giving them access to an education and opportunities that were otherwise unavailable.  While the demographics of our students continue to evolve over time, our mission remains the same: we seek to broaden the perspective of our students beyond their zip codes and inspire them to encounter a world that needs both bright minds and compassionate hearts.  

As our loyal alumni will attest, Salesianum is much more than a school where you spend four years.  It is community that begins with a 4-year introduction and lasts a lifetime.  Whether you have yet to begin that journey or graduated from the original school at 8th and West, we welcome you and hope you will come visit us soon.   

Tenui Nec Dimittam,

Brendan Kennealey '94
Salesianum School President