Salesians in Action

This club is open to all students and seeks to facilitate and promote service projects dealing with the important social justice issues of our time. We believe that hearts speak to hearts and that every single student can bring something valuable to this group. If you are interested in learning and serving please email Mr. Joe McDaniel or stop by the Student Union Office for more information.


1) Live the Salesian value of service promoting this as an integral part of being a Salesian Gentleman

2) Engage students in a personal mission of service constantly seeking ways for the unique gifts and talents of our community can be connected to a world in need.

3) Impact local and extended communities through service projects


Homelessness in America Awareness Campaign

B.R.I.D.G.E. to Camden Trip

Special Olympics Unified Soccer Tournament

Mother's Day Rose Sale for Birthright of Delaware

Creativity at Nativity Creative Writing Program

and many more...